Wall Stare is a short abstract dance film, directed by Miranda Forbes. A former professional dancer, this is Miranda’s first film as a director and her first foray back into the dance world since a brain injury (TBI) she suffered after being hit by an SUV in 2012. The film stars Christianne Ullmark, currently dancing with Toronto Dance Theatre, and

Message from the Director;

September 2012, late afternoon, 4:15, an ordinary instant, low-hanging sun in the clear blue autumn sky; a meeting with a friend never realized. I was told many times that I had been struck by an SUV landed on the hood and suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the force of the impact.

From hospital bed to wheelchair to uncertain footing relearning to walk. I was discharged. Back at home, just enough energy to stare at the wall.

I am now taking the next step in my ongoing recovery, and directing ‘Wall Stare’ has allowed me to re-examine the trials of recovery, the fragility of the body and the impact of trauma on my life.